BenBen usually plays electric and slide guitar. He grew up absorbing the music of his parents’ vinyl LPs while keeping his radio tuned into eclectic rock ‘n roll stations. He started writing songs at age 10 and then played guitar in a junior high dance band and really liked it. His influences are diverse and include folk, rock, alt-country, traditional country, reggae, jazz, world music and whatever’s interesting on college radio. He lives nearby with his charming wife and lovely daughter.


BernieBernie plays drums. A lifelong resident of the Boston metro area, he has enjoyed playing drums since his high school days, playing in various groups and projects over the years.




BrentBrent plays acoustic and electric guitar. He is originally from Atlanta, and lived in Dallas and New York City before settling in the Boston area with his family in 1993. His musical roots are playing classic rock in various groups, with a brief foray into jazz rock (as a bass player). Brent is actively involved in song-writing, having contributed several of the tunes on Alter Ego’s current song list.



CarolCarol can’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing. Throughout her life, she has performed in various settings and in a variety of genres, from rock and roll bands to churches. Her greatest joys in life have been her family, friends, and career as a nurse, but singing is her first-love, and she is thrilled to be part of Alter Ego.



LeahLeah plays acoustic guitar and keys. She shares the female lead vocal duties with Carol.



LiamLiam has been playing music professionally for over 23 years, with bands in Texas and throughout New England. A prolific songwriter, he has been a member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) since 1983. In addition to Liam’s music background, he has appeared in over 25 theatrical productions, 2 films, and 3 television commercials, and has written, produced and directed several award-winning video productions for corporate sponsors. Liam lives in Lincoln, MA with his lovely wife Lyn and three wonderful daughters Alana, Sophia, and Marisa.



ScottScott‘s music history is life-long: singing at age 4 with his parents’ Barbershop rehearsals, piano and organ lessons at 8 and 13, and high school choruses. He’s a Berklee graduate (Bass Performance), with years playing in local bands, a 2-year stint in Las Vegas, and ongoing performing in the Boston area with diverse musical acts. He’s always believed the bass is an integral melodic instrument, and contributes arrangement ideas to others’ songwriting. He’s done a lot of recording, but his favorite venue is live playing. Scott shares his life with Lisa, and their son Erik, two cats, and a motorcycle named Sydney.